This section of the Library hosts information about FanGraphs and its features. The page is a work in progress, but will be updated regularly.

FanGraphs Depth Charts

The Depth Charts are pretty simple in theory. They blend together two of the leading projection systems (Steamer and ZiPS) and then scale those projections to our expectations about playing time. The Depth Charts are updated constantly to provide the most up-to-date snapshot possible for the current state of a team, league, or position. You can think of the Depth Charts as the baseline projections for the entire site, as they are the input for the projected standings, playoff odds, and game odds. Learn More!

Team Pages

FanGraphs landing pages for all 30 Major League Baseball teams. These pages can be accessed through the Teams menu on the navigation bar above, simply by clicking on a team’s name. You can also access the pages directly using fangraphs.com/teams/[team name].

Many of the stats and features on the team pages are available in similar forms elsewhere on the site. We’ve now collected them into one place, however, so that readers can more quickly access team-specific information and analysis. As with any new addition to FanGraphs, we plan on expanding and adding features to the team pages as time goes on. There are five different tabs on each page: Summary, Stats, Schedule, Pitcher Usage, and Depth Chart. Learn More!

Playoff Odds

The Playoff Odds take our Depth Charts projections and uses them to simulate the season 10,000 times to produce various postseason related odds. Learn More!


BaseRuns is a formula designed to estimate how many runs a team would be expected to score (or allow) given their underlying offensive (or defensive) performance. In other words, BaseRuns is a context-neutral run estimator used to evaluate teams. The output of BaseRuns is an expected team run total, which we present on the site on a per game basis. Learn More!

Live Scoreboard

Not only does FanGraphs offer a wide variety of statistics and tools for analyzing games that have happened in the past and ones that will happen in the future, we also have a Live Scoreboard feature that lets you follow the action as it’s happening. If you want to know the odds that your team can come back from its current deficit or who is the team’s leading contributor through four innings, we have you covered. Learn More!

Player Graphs

We have updated the graphs on our player pages that have been a part of the site since FanGraphs was founded in 2005. The player graphs are now much more interactive and have been updated to feature some of the most popular and commonly used advanced stats on FanGraphs, such as WAR, wRC+, wOBA, OPS and FIP. We are also retaining the left/right and home/away splits options. These new graphs are interactive and have tool tips available on some data points. Learn More!


You’re probably used to viewing our statistics on the leaderboards and player pages, but we’ve recently rolled out two interactive interfaces that allow you to split that data up using all sorts of different parameters. The first tool allows you to explore splits specific to a given player and the second allows you to apply the same type of splits to a leaderboard. Lean about the player splits tool here and the leaderboard splits tool here.


We have Baseball Info Solutions shift data going back to 2010 available on the leaderboards and splits pages. Learn More!

Spray Charts

FanGraphs uses Inside Edge data to create spray charts for hitters, pitchers, and fielders. You can view multiple years, limit them by handedness, and display the information in a variety of other ways. Learn More!

Custom Run Expectancy Matrix

Run expectancy is one of the bedrocks of sabermetrics. You can learn about the concept and its applications here, but if you want to play around with different matrices based on run environment and batter skill, FanGraphs has an application that allows you to customize a run expectancy table. Learn about the application and use it here.

FanGraphs Chat Schedule

Our site features numerous articles each weekday on the subject of baseball, but you have probably also noticed that our writers participate in chats as well. We like to cover big events (Opening Day, trade deadline, playoff games) with “Live Blogs” that feature many different writers, but during the normal schedule we typically have the same writers covering the same days. Here is our chat schedule as of January 2017.


Neil Weinberg is the Site Educator at FanGraphs and can be found writing enthusiastically about the Detroit Tigers at New English D. Follow and interact with him on Twitter @NeilWeinberg44.

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